Wastewater treatment and the problem of pollution

The sources that previously ensured the supply of water are not only insufficient , but due to pollution they are rendered almost completely unusable .

In the past the problem of industrial and urban waste did not worry much, but today with all the problems that our society has to face, the treatment and purification of waste water takes on a really high importance.

It is a necessary operation, which is carried out with different techniques depending on the type of treatment and the purposes to be achieved :

Drinking water
Water for hygienic uses
Water to be used in irrigation of agricultural fields
Water for industrial uses
Water pollution is so high because domestic and industrial wastewater is released into the wild without any type of purification treatment, in water basins, underground and at sea.

A statement that we can give true is that municipal sewage has a composition very similar to that of industrial waste, because of the chemicals that are used at home.

What could be the solutions to the problem of wastewater pollution
To solve the problem of wastewater recovery, various studies are underway with the aim of finding other water fields and discovering new techniques for the treatment and purification of waste water and to limit the pollution damage that occurs during the discharge of waste.

We are also planning to be able to make usable waters that, due to their composition or location, are not, this last project is becoming increasingly important as it could solve the problem of desalination of sea or brackish water and with more than good results. in economic factor than in quality.

The purification of water for civil use is defined by related treatments and various techniques to make it drinkable.

Waste water: treatment perspectives and methodologies
There is no doubt about it: waste water is a resource for the future .

Obviously they can become a real resource when they are treated and purified, so that they will be a precious source of fresh water and other raw materials whose demand is constantly growing.

The thesis is supported by the UN report that sets a goal: to halve the amount of untreated wastewater and increase reuse within a short period.

It is an ambitious goal that in Italy its expansion that will also involve companies able to supply components suitable for use is avoidable.

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