Shipping and E-commerce: how important is packaging?

In the e-commerce sector, it is essential to optimize work and times so that the service is guaranteed and efficient, so as not to compromise the brand name and increase customer reliability.

The packaging process , therefore, acquires considerable importance, both in terms of safeguarding the product and increasing customer satisfaction. Very often people do not buy products on a particular site because the packaging is not adequate for the material transported, perhaps too valuable or fragile to be summarily packaged.

In particular, if you have an e-commerce activity, you need to take some precautions that make transport safer and make customers happier and more satisfied.

Rule No. 1: do not reuse the boxes
It is very important for customers to be able to rely completely on the seller for the transport of their purchased product. Whether it is a valuable item, fragile or of poor quality, the boxes should never be reused. Both in terms of privacy and hygiene standards but also for the safety of the material transported. ‘Recycled’ packaging can be damaged and compromise the transport of the next product.

Rule n. 2: for each product its packaging
The precaution is never enough. In particular, for each type of item sold and sent there is a need for accurate and suitable packaging. Surely the packaging of books is different from that of fragile objects. If you have an e-commerce site, you need to make sure you can send the perfectly packaged product to minimize the risk of breakage. If you are not sure how to pack your articles on specialized sites like you can find various articles and useful tips.

Rule n.3: shipping efficiency
To make packaging more efficient, you need the right tools. On the market there are single or double cardboard self-assembling boxes with variable adhesive closure that can also be used for heavier products. They are certainly super-resistant boxes and quick assembly with equally fast closing is assured. There is no need to use adhesive tape and this involves a great saving of time and therefore also of money.

Shipment efficiency is also determined by correct optimization of all logistics processes. So a study should be done with competent people and the sector so that unnecessary actions and steps can be eliminated or modified to facilitate priority actions. As regards packaging, therefore, excellent work organization can bring great advantages to the Company, in particular e-commerce.

Rule 4: representing the company
For a business based solely on the online channel it is necessary to be recognized by the customer through a brand, a visible and easily recognizable logo. It is important for the company name to point out to the customer that the site from which it purchased has particular interest in shipping. Surely a recognition logo on the outer package gives added value. In particular, if in the packaging packagethere are receipts, forms for a possible return, perhaps enclosure of envelope for easy sending, free samples or discounts of various kinds, the customer is more inclined to the future purchase, even if the product chosen by him is not liked and must be brought back. In this way the company creates a positive image, which is reflected in the consumer, who transmits reliability, seriousness and professionalism, very important concepts when trade is only online and there is no possibility of practical feedback.

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