Editions At Play: smartbook-sized ebook

Ebook suitable for smartphones to tell stories taking advantage of the characteristics of perpetually connected mobile devices, is the new experiment launched by Google, in collaboration with Visual Editions , in the publishing project Editions At Play : a new way of making ebooks that amplifies the experience of reading by integrating the dynamics of the web into the text. Amplified, connected books, fluids that cannot exist on a simple printed paper. Immaterial and feasible texts that exploit the potential of smartphones.

Short texts designed to offer a reading experience that appears immediately different from the one we are used to but which is accessible through a short presentation. An experience that involves, intrigues and consciously puts the reader in front of an experimental way of reading without creating a hindrance to the development of history.

At the moment there are only two texts available in English: Entrance and exits by Reif larsen, and The Truth About Cats & Dogs by Sam Riviere by Joe Dunthorne.

In the first, the story develops through words and scenarios that you can see and follow. Through a series of doors, the reader traverses the settings of the story through the streets of Google Street View, with images that can be navigated 360 °.
In the second, which combines the works of a novelist and a poet, the story does not have a unique way of being read, there is a double reading that tells it from two different points of view, in which everyone can have the last word .

A new model of writing that exploits the potential of the network, of connection to offer authors and artists endless possibilities to create.

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