Turin Book Fair 2018

The 31st International Book Fair of Turin started today, in pavilions 1, 2 and 3 of Lingotto Fiere and in Pavilion 5 and will be open until Monday, May 14th. As last year the event is open from 10.00 to 20.00.

The program, the authors, the last minutes

Thanks to Theseus’ Ship, Andrew Sean Greer , the new Pulitzer Prize with Less, will be at the 2018 Salone.
To return to Thursday 10, we will have a great lesson on the future that awaits us from a master like Michelangelo Pistoletto . We will have Alessandro D’Avenia who will meet his many readers, many of whom are students. There will be another master (this time in the cinema) like the Oscar winner Giuseppe Tornatore , who will talk about a great film project that has now become a book. And Petros Markaris , who will come to Greece to talk about his idea of ​​literature and his books.

There are many foreign writers who will arrive in Turin a little from all over the world this year. As was announced in recent days, the European Strega Award was brought to the Show . The finalists will present their books at the Salone, and on Sunday there will be an award ceremony. And who are the finalists, and therefore the European writers who will be with us at the Salone?

The Spaniard Fernando Aramburu , author of Patria , one of the most important novels of recent years for those who want to understand something more about Spain and Europe. Icelandic Auður Ava Ólafsdóttir , author of Hotel Silence , elected book of the year by Icelandic booksellers, one of the most poetic and delicate novels of the year. The Belgian Lize Spit , author of Si scioglie , has already won many prizes for the best debut in the Dutch language. The Irish Lisa McInerney , who with a rough and vital novel helped launch a sort of new wave of contemporary Irish literature. And finally the French writer Oliver Guez, who with The disappearance of Josef Mengele wrote a novel that is having success and raising debates almost everywhere.

Since we are talking about foreign literature, here are some other names. We already know that the Nobel Prize for Literature Herta Müller will be in Turin thanks to the Mondello Prize, which for years has been working with the Salone, forging a wonderful relationship between two cultural capitals like Palermo – which this year is another Italian Capital of culture – and Turin, and that every year brings the best of international reading to the Show.

Now we announce another great champion of world literature, who chose Turin and the Salone to present his next book coming out in a few weeks. A legendary name. The sentimental man. Your face tomorrow. All souls. Black back of time. A heart so white. Tomorrow in the battle think of me . And now Berta Isla . Javier Marías will be at the 31st edition of the Turin Motor Show.

Even Roberto Saviano , will be present thanks to Sky, and will talk about how the head and the heart of a writer works when he works – as Roberto is doing – for the TV series.

Always Sky will bring Niccolò Ammaniti , who signed his first television series, Il miracolo , to the Salone, which you can see in the days of the Salone at the Cinema Massimo thanks to the collaboration with the National Cinema Museum. On the same day Ammaniti will be at the Lingotto for a meeting in the section managed by Francesco Pacifico, to tell how the author of Io non ho fear , of Anna and I and you also became the author of the Miracle .

And speaking of writers who have worked or work for the cinema. From Mexico, Guillermo Arriaga will arrive , who with The Savage wrote a memorable novel, and who has written films like Amores Perros and 21 grams for cinema as a screenwriter . And who also won a Palme d’Or for best screenplay.

From Ireland comes a writer of the caliber of Roddie Doyle , whom we know from novels like Smile or Due on the road . He is the author of film scripts, as well as a novel that has become a cult film like The Commitments . Roddie Doyle will be one of the great characters who will animate the Bookstock Village.

Always in the name of cinema we will have the meeting that many are waiting for, between a great master of international cinema like Bernardo Bertolucci and a young master of international cinema like Luca Guadagnino. At the Lingotto the two will talk to each other on Saturday 12. The same day at the Mole Antonelliana, again thanks to the National Cinema Museum that we thank, there will be a screening of the Bertoluccian Partners and The Dreamers. Just as the next day, always at Massimo, Bertolucci on Bertolucci by Luca Guadagnino and Walter Fasano will be screened. And, since the fifty-year anniversary of 1968 will be discussed at the Salone, we will also see In cerca del ’68 with which his brother, Giuseppe Bertolucci, in 1996, after many years tried to come to terms with that phenomenon.

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