October 10, 2008

Palin Phenomenon Accelerates Downfall of Old Media

By Christopher Adamo

The 2004 contest between President Bush and Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry marked the beginning of the end for the old media monopoly. The clumsy media attempts to fabricate a story, complete with phony documents hastily fabricated using modern word-processing software, clearly indicated that CBS’s Dan Rather and his minions were stumping for Kerry.

The old media failed miserably in their shameless attempts to shamelessly discredit the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth. That organization’s documented evidence completely unraveled Kerry’s baseless claims of heroism in Vietnam.

The old media, devoted exclusively to liberal ideology, are incapable of admitting their outrageous slant. And the current crop of nasty and small-minded leftists throughout the “news” and entertainment media are at it again. This time, their target is Alaska Governor and vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin.

The 2008 presidential race changed dramatically the moment Republican candidate John McCain announced his pick of Palin for VP. Grassroots Republicans, who had previously been lackluster in their support for McCain, were suddenly enthused. And Palin has since become the most notable and influential political figure on the national scene.

The Obama campaign has had to completely alter its strategy. Formerly, Barack Obama was all about “hope” and “change,” a message which resonated with those who were otherwise blind to the realities of his political philosophy.

No real substance was necessary to support Obama’s rhetoric. He simply sounded better than more of the same from Washington. But in the wake of Palin’s arrival on the national stage, everything changed. In stark contrast to Obama’s vacant oratory, Palin does indeed intend to shake things up in the Federal Government, and has an impressive and inspiring track record to prove it.

So the Obama campaign has regularly switched from his vacuous message of “change,” to denigrating Palin’s supposed “lack of experience,” in order to cast her as somehow unfit for the nation’s second highest office. This strategy poses its own risks, since any real scrutiny of experience among the candidates reveals Obama to be by far the least qualified among them.

Thus, the liberal political machine is forced, once again, to rely heavily on media complicity in order to pull off this ruse, and its minions among the “news” and entertainment industry are fully willing to comply. As a result, it has become increasingly difficult to tell the two entities apart.

Political commentators and their “analyses” sound increasingly like what one might expect from Simon Cowell, with far more focus on style than substance, and on “presentation” rather than policy. But Americans ought not care if, according to media elites, Sarah Palin “looked flustered” during the Charlie Gibson interview. Instead, they should be more concerned with her core principles and resulting policy positions on key issues.

Sarah Palin’s competence and fitness as vice-president is currently deemed lacking by such colossal intellects as Matt Damon, Susan Sarandon, and Lindsay Lohan. But their diatribes no longer sound markedly different from the shallow observations offered by the likes of Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson, among other “old media” stalwarts.

So as the level of venom directed at Sarah Palin continually proves to be an ongoing failure, media efforts to damage her popularity have only increased in their shrillness. And in so doing, they increasingly highlight their own moral and philosophical bankruptcy.

But Palin’s steadfastness is, if anything, underscored in the eyes of the public, as the tenor of the media grows progressively more desperate.

A stunning example of this desperation was a September 15 article by Jon Friedman first appearing in “Market Watch.” According to Friedman, Palin’s skyrocketing popularity was principally a product of the media attention given her. He goes on to confidently predict that the same media which “made” her will now be the cause of her undoing.

Friedman gives no consideration to the reality that Palin’s popularity among America’s grassroots derives from her down-to-earth wholesomeness and above all, her unabashed devotion to conservatism and the traditional values of heartland America. In his world, she is simply the result of media attention, as if it was ever positive in its assessment of her. Thus he maintains, in the vanity of his own imagination, that the ebb and flow of America’s political landscape is really all about him and his kind.

Mainstream Americans are overwhelmingly angered by the flagrant audacity of such a self-absorbed appraisal, lacking so thoroughly in evidence as it is. A new wind is blowing across this nation. Friedman, Couric, and Gibson, along with those empty mouthpieces of the Hollywood left, will continue to offer their venom and drivel to an ever diminishing audience, oblivious to the fact that their sphere of influence is in danger of eventual extinction.

In its place, the force and character of courageous individuals such as Sarah Palin, along with the grassroots network of true conservatives whom she so well represents, will begin the long task of restoring the dynamism, energy, and virtue of America.

Christopher Adamo is a staff writer for the New Media Alliance, Inc., and may be contacted at cadamo@thenma.org

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