August 22, 2008

Where No Enemy Has Gone Before

By Erik Rush

There’s an axiom in Recovery (as in from addiction) circles which asserts that addictions are but symptoms of deeper emotional or psychological problems. Leaving aside the debate as to whether this holds water, I submit that the tremendous success of Democrat presidential nominee Barack Obama is but a symptom of the broader disease: The establishment media (which includes broadcast news and print sources as well as the entertainment media) have finally subverted enough of the collective mind of America to usher in the era of socialism toward which the far Left has been maneuvering us for the last 40 years.

Like the seizure that alerted Sen. Ted Kennedy’s doctors that he was suffering from a grave condition, it is just a symptom – albeit a very nasty one.

“A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals…”

-”Agent K,” from the film Men in Black

Being convinced that the Republican Party is to blame for taking us to places we would rather not and shouldn’t have gone, and that the George W. Bush presidency was a mistake that never should have happened, Americans are now shambling, glassy-eyed and drooling toward “Change,” too transfixed by the captivating ultraviolet glow to hear the crackle of those who burst into nothingness in line ahead of them.

They have no idea what they’ve bought into, of course, the magnitude of the lies and the peril, which awaits. They do not fathom that they are accepting a fundamental change in the paradigm of our social system from one in which the industrious and principled prosper versus one in which the indolent and capricious prosper.

As regards the political continuum in modern America, over the past 40 years the Democrat Party leadership transmogrified from elitist liberals into socialists. In the last 20, the Republican Party leadership became liberals, and the media have been a prime mover in this transformation. Having themselves been manipulated by those in the press to heed them rather than their constituents and conservative elements within the party leadership (which had brought past success), eunuchs in the GOP, driven by fear for their image and personal self-interest, sold America out to deviant parasites.

The power brokers and their operatives (such as those in the press, for example) believe that they will be among the unassailable elite. Once again, despite the historical record, they don’t believe they will ever be counted among those who, in a fit of melancholy, climb into the trunk of an automobile and shoot themselves repeatedly in the head, as so many prominent figures in far Left regimes wind up doing.

Just a few of the dangerously dishonest representations in which the press has engaged over the last eight years:

  • Television news bureaus withheld the more gruesome 9/11 footage – too graphic for their audiences, of course. The same criteria somehow don’t apply to video of terrorists killed by American troops in Iraq. This was the beginning of their systematically propagandizing Americans into forgetting 9/11.
  • Engendering sympathy for retrograde culture (at which they have excelled for some time) and radical Islamist killers are among other wild subjectivities put forth by the press concerning the War on Terror in general.
  • The Iraq campaign was supposed to be over in half an hour. The scope and the frequency of the falsehoods, minimizations, manipulations and exacerbations conveyed by the press to Americans in this area are too numerous to address.
  • Slandered, maligned and generally demonized President Bush and the Republican Party –  unfortunately, with their help – on a scale never seen previously.
  • Exhibited barefaced partiality for Sen. Barack Obama during the Democrat Party’s primary process, evidenced by their downplaying glaring and perilous deficiencies in the candidate.

While the far Left escalates its quest to stamp out Christianity in America, the religion is literally exploding in Asia and Africa, where believers hold to their faith despite persecution Christians have not experienced since the time of ancient Rome. One example is the genocide in Darfur, Sudan; the press conveniently neglects to include this component in its coverage of the crisis.

For better or worse, we have this thing called the First Amendment to the Constitution, which prohibits government infringement upon the activities of the press. Little did the founders of our nation know that it would one day face a universally treasonous press that would, hell-bent on societal suicide, focus its energies toward bringing America to ruin.

Were the extent of the media’s manipulation of information to the political gain of the far Left in America known, it might well lead to the storming of news bureaus across the country. A conservative individual with, say, George Soros’s resources could take care of America’s “press problems” fairly handily. This columnist has intellectually considered certain initiatives; unfortunately, addressing them here would be imprudent.

Although it does bear mentioning that the First Amendment only applies to the government abridging the freedom of the press – not the people…

Erik Rush is a Staff Writer for the New Media Alliance, Inc (

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