July 22, 2008

Liberal ‘Social Justice’ Portends New Dark Age

By Christopher Adamo

The American public, and Christians in particular, are being deluged once again with the ambiguous concept of “social justice.” It is, after all, election time.

In its raw form, “social justice” merely references the prevailing societal attitudes of the day, relegating any defining standards of right or wrong, good or evil, and moral or immoral to a snapshot of the existing consensus.

It’s no wonder, therefore, that the “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright, in his venomous and racist rantings against America, would seek refuge under the umbrella of “social justice” when attempting to defend his positions.

In its modern form, it’s a conglomeration of environmental extremism, coupled with the Marxist concept of a government empowered to confiscate the property of one citizen for the purpose of purchasing the loyalty of another. But the reality of such false generosity conflicts with foundational Biblical truth, and substitute “truths” must be cited in their stead.

A notable and outlandish example in recent memory is Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s fabricated “scripture” asserting that one must worship the environment in order to worship God. Those familiar with Scripture know that the first chapter of Romans contains a stern admonition against that very notion.

The collapse of Democrat fortunes in the 1994 elections showed Party operatives they had a disconnect from mainstream America and its traditional values. But being unwilling to embrace those values, liberal Democrats concluded that the only alternative was to offer alternative “values” that might resonate with the American heartland.

So instead of overhauling their party platform, they determined to reinvent American “Christianity” in a form that would make it compatible with Democrat political objectives.

A broad and insidious scheme has since been implemented. With the help of the liberal clergy, a new direction and rationale for “Christianity” has been established. The two main pillars of this counterfeit spirituality are environmentalism and socialism.

“Christian” populists, such as California mega church pastor Rick Warren, have done their best to open the floodgates of this modern “leaven,” by supplanting the stodgy old perspective of sin and redemption with the delightfully more flexible concept of “purpose.”

The consequences facing a society that embraces these false premises of “spirituality” while abandoning the truth are the same as they have always been throughout history: decline and eventual ruin. And the evidence is mounting before our eyes.

Like some pagan culture whose members starve in the streets while worshipping the abundant livestock living in their midst, Western civilization has amazingly opted to burn its own food supplies in order to produce fuel, though abundant oil supplies lie within its borders.

The elites, meanwhile, will continue to squander a disproportionate share of those resources, traveling on their private jets to “environmental conferences,” while common citizens endure greater and greater hardship just to stay warm and get to work.

Does the “Earth goddess” rejoice at this? Or is it merely those demigods of liberalism laughing at their extensive ranks of useful idiots? Social “Justice,” indeed.

Chalk one up for “environmentalism” that will neither clean the planet nor make life better for its inhabitants, while those spearheading the movement gain in power and stature.

Ditto for the much older ploy of redistributing wealth, where the nation’s economy stagnates, working citizens are driven to lower levels on the economic ladder, and those in power increase their dominance. Nevertheless, the ruse continues under the premise of “fairness.”

Americans are not ignorant of the crushing effects of rising energy costs, or the debilitating effect of excessive taxation. But it’s critical to enlighten them as to the relationship between these burgeoning adversities and the leftist ideologies that spawned them.

Only then can the nation avert its descent from once being that “shining city on a hill” to a dim caricature of its former glory, and an increasing reflection of third-world hardship and squalor.

Christopher Adamo is a staff writer for the New Media Alliance, Inc.

Psycho Pastor or Killer Clown?

By Erik Rush

The “pastor issue” in the campaign of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is old hat. Why? Because it’s not about radical pastors anyway, and never was; it’s an issue of whether or not it’s plausible that Obama sat in a church which teaches the racist, anti-American, Marxist, doctrine of Black Liberation Theology for 20 years and somehow missed the core values thereof.

It’s also an issue of the candidate’s numerous shady associates within the far Left Chicago cabal, the lack of scrutiny by the establishment press, and the feeble explanations Obama has offered on those rare occasions when queried in these areas.

But before we move on, the example of Catholic Father Michael Pfleger’s May 25 outing as guest speaker at Chicago’s Trinity United Church (which precipitated the candidate’s leaving the church) warrants analysis. The reason being, it illustrates key aspects of the behavior of racist far Left whites, whose actions are really those which militate to keep black Americans down (as opposed to the faceless and largely nonexistent white oppressors against whom adherents to Black Liberation Theology and other activists rail).

To recap: Father Pfleger is a Catholic priest and head of the Faith Community of Saint Sabina church in Chicago, a predominantly black congregation. He is also an Obama supporter and contributor whose church has benefited financially from the senator’s influence.

Despite being white, Pfleger is a proponent of Black Liberation Theology and has a long history of gratuitous civil rights activism in the tradition of Rev. Jeremiah Wright and others. The ultimate useful white idiot, he has called Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan “my brother” and has had him speak at St. Sabina’s. Yes, Farrakhan – one of the most odious racists and anti-Semites in America.

It’s a sad state of affairs when in 2008, a white man feels he has to adopt the diction of “The Kingfish” from Amos ‘n’ Andy to relate to black people. It’s even sadder when such techniques are successful. All Pfleger needed was some black greasepaint for his face and white for his lips and he’d really have been set.

It’s no secret that this columnist holds a deep disdain for afrocentrism, and even the inaccurate and pretentious term “African-American” as it is commonly employed. I’ve always found whites that sink to Zeligesque affectations of black people nauseating. As he spoke, Pfleger took on a “hip” black persona and speech patterns, intermittently wiping his brow á la the late soul legend James Brown or a Louisiana bayou preacher.

The minstrel show aspect of his oratory was the least offensive of his diatribe at Trinity United. In addition to his ludicrous accusation that Hillary Clinton felt entitled to the Democratic nomination because she’s white, Black Liberation Theology’s answer to Eminem spouted more of the racist, anti-American bilge we’ve heard over several months from Revs. Wright, Moss and Meeks, riling this ostensibly loving Christian bunch of folks into a howling mob.

“Well, America has been raping people of color and America has to pay the price!”

Father Michael Pfleger at Trinity United Church of Christ, May 25, 2008

Who, one wonders, is “America” in this context, what is “the price,” and in what manner is it to be “paid?” Pfleger’s rhetoric, overall, made him sound like a semi-literate activist on a street corner in downtown Managua, save that he was speaking what passes for English.

When a black activist spews this sort of hate, it’s easier for whites (and blacks who don’t agree) to put the phenomenon down to ignorance, bitterness, or even a profit motive. When a white far-Left activist behaves in this way, it lends credence to the argument conservatives both black and white proffer that blacks are being fed this culture of victimization and hatred because it’s an imperative of the far Left’s agenda.

The danger here – and an extremely grave one – is that all of the passion of religious zealotry is now being used to pit one ethnic group against another to advance a political agenda and for the personal aggrandizement of unprincipled individuals. We have seen in other regions and nations – most recently in the case of radical Islam – where this can lead.

Erik Rush is a Staff Writer for the New Media Alliance, Inc. (www.thenma.org).

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