April 18, 2008

With McCain, What You See is What You Get
by Donald G. Mashburn

The shrieky, shrilly self-appointed arbiters of “true” conservatism have damped their anguish that John McCain does not fit their perception of the perfect candidate. But to the less shrieky and shrilly, McCain is looking good against the background of dark shadows cast by the specter of a presidency headed by either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.
McCain is even showing up quite well in polls of Independents and conservative Democrats. They seem to see in him something, or some things, missing in the other candidates. And there’s a lot to see.

That’s because McCain is McCain. He is what he is. He’s not someone who remakes himself to bend with the shifting political winds. What you see is what you get with McCain. And that’s refreshing.

To know just how refreshing, compare McCain’s record with that of either Obama – very skimpy, not counting political activities organizing voters in Chicago – and Clinton – with or without Bill’s scandals and dishonesty.

There’s plenty of time for McCain’s campaign fortunes to change, of course. But barring an unforeseen bombshell, the former naval hero who spent more than five years in a North Vietnamese prison could look more experienced, genuine, and solid than either of the two liberal Democrats vying for their Party’s nomination.

The polls already are looking better than even McCain himself could have expected just a few weeks ago. And for good reason. His wartime experiences, his later experience as commander of the navy’s largest wing, and his years as a high-visibility and principled senator make Barack Obama look like a kindergartener trying to compete at the college level.

Moreover, McCain’s recent emphasis on the nation’s economic condition and future will help him counter the tax-and-spend air castles being promoted by both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

McCain’s unflinching opposition to wasteful government spending should be something thinking voters like. And they should notice – and applaud – his strong criticism of congressional earmarks, when it would have been easy to just go along with the pork-hungry Congress.

These are some of the qualities that set McCain apart. He hasn’t had to constantly explain, revise, or apologize for his positions on important issues. And that’s refreshing, compared with the almost fulltime damage control efforts engaged in by the two Democratic candidates.

There’s not so much guesswork with McCain. There’s not so much to wonder about. With McCain, what you see is what you get.

Is Barack Obama Alien?
by Randall H. Nunn

The Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Senator Barack Obama’s spiritual mentor, believes that merging Marxism with the Gospel may show the way to a better tomorrow. The basis for the black liberation philosophies advocated by Reverend Wright is the work of James Cone, founder of the modern black liberation theology movement.

Senator Obama, a graduate of Harvard Law School and a member of Reverend Wright’s congregation for many years, surely knows the views of Reverend Wright and presumably the views of James Cone.

Does Senator Obama believe that merging Marxism with the gospel will show the way to a better tomorrow? And if not, why did he sit in Reverend Wright’s congregation for more than 20 years, listening to his anti-American tirades and soaking up philosophies incompatible with the views of the great majority of Americans?

If one disagrees with a philosophy disseminated from the pulpit, not in a subtle and devious fashion but in a blisteringly blatant bombardment by a loud and rabid activist, how likely is it that he or she would remain as a loyal attendee of the church? Yet, Senator Obama and his wife continued to attend Reverend Wright’s ranting sermons with no protest. None, that is, until Senator Obama realized that his attendance of Wright’s church and support for his “spiritual mentor” might become a political liability.

Even then, Senator Obama was careful not to totally repudiate Reverend Wright. Obama said he “strongly disagreed” with “many” of Wright’s political views. Yet it took over 20 years for this Harvard-trained lawyer and aspirant to The White House to get worked up enough to register his disagreement.

I have a feeling that the majority of Americans do not believe Obama’s remarks aimed, as they were, at carefully distancing himself from Wright’s more outrageous statements without antagonizing the far left wing of his party.

The Rev. Wright affair clearly tells us that Senator Obama is not just liberal; he is liberal to the point of being radical and on the very fringe of liberal political thinking in this country.

Of course, Sen. Obama’s soothing words and mellifluous voice seek to reassure Americans that he is a gentle and decent man who is in the mainstream of American political thought. In fact, many suspect that he is much more comfortable with Reverend Wright’s Marxist philosophy and radical opinions than either he, the mainstream media or the Democratic Party would have us think.

Webster defines “alien” as “differing in nature or character typically to the point of incompatibility”. The Reverend Wright imbroglio leads to one inescapable conclusion, if one uses all of his or her faculties and life experiences in analyzing the statements and explanations of Obama, that Sen. Obama’s political beliefs are alien to those of the vast majority of Americans.

Obama’s true political views, distilled from his actions over past decades – as opposed to those carefully contrived words that ooze with slithering smoothness from his lips – confirm that he is the most liberal senator in the U.S. Senate and probably the most liberal person ever to run for the presidency.

One does not continue to sit in a congregation for over 20 years listening to Marxist philosophy and anti-American sentiment if one does not agree, in whole or in part. One does not take the title of his best-selling book, “The Audacity of Hope”, from the sermons of a minister who espouses such far left political views unless one agrees with them, in whole or in part.

And one does not consistently and regularly vote in favor of a liberal agenda in the Senate and state legislature unless one is a dedicated liberal supporter of greater government control over our lives. Sen. Obama is alien to American mainstream political thought and values.

We can admire a candidate’s rhetorical skills and glibness on the campaign trail. However, there comes a time for plain talking and direct answers to questions about a candidate’s political philosophy when a candidate’s beliefs are called into serious question by actions, or inactions, of the candidate himself.

That time is now.

Randall H. Nunn is a staff writer for the New Media Alliance, Inc.

Obama, his Minister, and the Wellstone Funeral
by Chuck Morse

The hate filled rhetoric of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, described by Sen. Barack Obama as “a man who helped introduce me to my Christian faith,” poses a threat to Obama’s presidential ambitions. It’s not because of the undeniably racist nature of the minister’s comments, but, rather, because the rhetoric is yet another naked and crude display of old fashioned left-wing agitprop.

The inflammatory rhetoric of Obama’s minister, and the indignant reaction to that rhetoric by the public at large, reminds me of the October 2002 memorial rally that followed the funeral of liberal Sen. Paul Wellstone of Minnesota. Wellstone was tragically killed in a plane crash. The left-wing political pep rally that followed the funeral was attended by approximately 20,000 people.

The rally included televised images of well known liberals such as former president Bill Clinton, former vice presidents Walter Mondale and Al Gore, and Senators Hillary Clinton and Teddy Kennedy, engaging in such antics as waving their fists in the air as a succession of speakers mounted the stage to regurgitate predictable left-wing slogans.

It has been generally acknowledged that the Wellstone funeral, which Vice President Richard V. Cheney was disinvited to attend, and in which Senator Trent Lott was booed, was a disaster for the Democrats in the 2002 mid-term elections. The negative reverberations were felt during the 2004 presidential campaign of Democratic Senator John Kerry.

The left just doesn’t get it. They just don’t realize that most Americans are simply not burdened with the same malevolent hatred for this country that is the hallmark of their debased outlook. Most Americans don’t damn their country, as did Obama’s minister, nor do they blame their country for the ills that beset other countries.

Most Americans embrace a more positive view of the American way of life. They aspire to achieve the kind of success that has been experienced by Barack and Michelle Obama. And by the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, and the insufferable gang of liberals who attended the rally following the Wellstone funeral.

Most African-Americans appreciate the gains they have been able to achieve as they enter the middle and upper classes in increasing numbers. While more progress is needed, most Americans understand that the best hope for the future lies in capitalism, patriotism, and in an embrace of the traditional values that have provided the undergirding for genuine progress.

The vile speeches of Obama’s minister, like the Wellstone rally, provide rare examples of left-wing arrogance on display for all to see in all of its ugliness. These candid moments, more often covered up by liberals, often even within themselves, are instructive and revealing.

We should examine these events very carefully, and remember these unguarded moments of unvarnished honesty. They provide an opportunity to learn the true nature of many of those who seek to influence our culture and public policy.

These unguarded moments are blessings in disguise.

Chuck Morse is a Boston-area radio talk show host and writer.

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