April 2, 2004

Twisting God's Word to Fit Man's Wants
by Donald G. Mashburn

Atheist Michael Newdow wants the Supreme Court to remove the words, “under God,” from the Pledge of Allegiance. He says the words are “offensive” to him. Based on his early arguments, he not only objects to God being mentioned in schools, but he’s also strongly anti-Christian.

Newdow is only one of the latest to publicly attack both God and Christianity. The assault usually is led by those who openly oppose what the Bible teaches and the things that Christianity stands for.

But what hasn’t been so obvious until recent times are the anti-biblical teachings and practices heard and seen inside the church – particularly in what’s called the “modern” church. The twisting of Scripture is often cloaked in the guise of “tolerance,” or revising God’s word to make it “apply to today’s world.”

The torturing of biblical meaning no longer involves things like free speech and freedom of religion. The new heresy and corruption of the Bible are used to try to justify behavior the Bible clearly says is wrong.

A liberal faction of the Episcopal Church recently approved the church’s first openly gay bishop, Gene Robinson, a divorced father of two. In telling a reporter of his “coming out,” and open relationship with his male companion, Robinson said he thought God was “starting a new work.” Then he added, “But I don’t know.”

He doesn’t know? The bishop, schooled in the Bible, should know God Himself condemned homosexual behavior between two males as “an abomination” and said, “They shall surely be put to death” (Leviticus 20:13).

Yet the bishop “thinks” that God wants to start “a new work” with the bishop and his partner? A holy God must be offended by this twisting of unambiguous Scripture to fit the wants of sinful man.

And just days ago, the Methodist church refused to defrock a lesbian minister, although the church’s official position is that homosexual men and lesbian women shall not be allowed to fill pastorates. Methodist church leaders later issued a lame statement about “tolerance,” and cited increased public acceptance of homosexual behavior.

Even those who pay some lip service to the Bible twist its meaning to suit their purposes. Recently, a Methodist minister, in a Daily Oklahoman interview, defended homosexual behavior. She claimed that those who cite Scriptures that condemn homosexual practices “misinterpret” the Bible.

How could the woman, trained in the Methodist ministry, twist the messages clearly contained in Romans 1:26-29 and I Corinthians 6:9?

It’s a shame that liberal men and women, who profess a calling to teach and preach the Holy Scriptures, deny both their historicity and holy origin. It’s a far worse thing that they, by position and stature, can influence others – often the young and innocent – to accept their heretical teachings.

The practitioners of this bogus theology attempt to justify their weaknesses in order to satisfy their own fleshly appetites. In doing so, they can lead others into false beliefs. And false beliefs blind people to the “narrow way” taught by Jesus – the Way into which we can enter only because He purchased our admittance with His blood on the Cross.

I belong to that group that C. S. Lewis called, “educated, but not theologically educated.” Still, I can read English translations of God’s word – and a fair amount in two other languages. The Bible isn’t too difficult to understand. So I distrust, as biblical critics, those who twist Scripture to suit their own worldly purposes.

And I conclude that liberal revisionists have no claim to authority on Scripture. First, they deny the faith. Second, they go against God’s commandments. But, finally, I say they’re wrong because God’s word says they’re wrong.

I prefer to rely on God’s word, not as men and women with personal agendas speak, but as “Holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit” (2 Peter 1:21)