A good heart is to be prized above beauty, but some of us goodhearted folks think we could have handled more good looks, too.

Being critical of the faults of others does little to correct your own.

Beauty is a bit like money: You need enough to get by, but you don’t have to have a whole lot to be happy.

Man is free to choose his actions, but he’s not free to choose the consequences.

Behavior is the child of choice and judgment.

Criticism doesn’t bother me. The world being in such a mess proves there’s very little good judgment being exercised these days.

If you want to avoid a chapped behind, stay away from wet saddles and people who are all wet.

May you be able to see through the tinsel and glitter of the holiday commercialism and see the real meaning of Christmas, and understand why sincere expressions of “Peace on Earth,” and “Joy to the World” lift us up and make us better.