Truth is reality examined up close so that its shape, color or identity aren’t blurred by the mists of time, the haze of distance, or the fog of faulty memory.

An open mind is OK if the back door is closed.

It takes courage to stand up for something right, and wisdom to sit down and listen.

The swaying of the tree doesn’t produce the wind singing through its branches.

Birth and death are beyond our control, but the choices we make in between are.

Taxes and death are unavoidable, and it’s hard to dodge a lot of the other stuff, too.

Reputation is what others think of you; character is what you really are.

There is hardly anything that lawyers and politicians can’t make more muddled.

I had rather listen to a witty fool than a vain person acting foolishly.

If you can’t find a good reason to do a thing you’ve found a good reason to not do it.

If you like people, you have a good chance of being liked yourself.

Some well-rounded politicians get that way from being rolled repeatedly.

Yesterday is spent; we can’t borrow tomorrow; we have only today.

Some lawyers too lazy to work and too nervous to steal got into politics and it solved both problems.

It’s often hard to fit in and stand out at the same time.

Faith in Jesus Christ offers an opportunity to exchange what you can’t keep, for a gift of eternal life you can never lose.

Wisdom isn’t found in knowledge but grows from the pursuit of it.

What is right always trumps who is right.

Effort without talent can be discouraging, talent without effort a shameful waste.

A man who has money to burn usually can find a woman willing to be a match for him.

An old man realizes his kids may not be the best of kids, but they’re still the best he’s got.