A low point in life can come when we realize we can’t control events in our life, but a high point is reached when we realize God can.

Thought for Today: There is a God and He’s not us; He’s in control and we’re not.

The pursuit of happiness is a right according to our Constitution, but the pursuit itself is up to us.

Get ready to witness the Politician-Contortionists, who can stand for or against, straddle the fence, and lie while they’re “standing” for little.

Selfishness covets what belongs to others. Love covets nothing and seeks only to give itself.

American Airlines filed for bankruptcy because its liabilities exceed its assets by about $4.8 billion. With a national debt now over $15 trillion why hasn’t the United States filed for bankruptcy?

Things happen that make it difficult to find happiness within ourselves, yet we can’t find it anywhere else.

Your future is not in your yesterdays but in your tomorrows. Selfishness always asks what the cost will be; love gives and does not count the cost.

Being broke can be a disappointment, but being cold, hungry, and lonely all at the same time can be downright disheartening.

Words are just words till action and right motives are added to transform them into truth.

Workaholism is the opposite of humility – Preston Clegg, Pastor, Spring Creek Baptist Church.

We are not naturally considerate, kind, and loving; these are gifts from God.

Love loves so it can live and grow. Selfishness shrivels from its own greed.

You can learn a degree of wisdom by observing the cat that refuses to sit on a cold stove after sitting on a hot one.

Selfishness guards its own, seeks that which it does not have, and remains stunted and small. Love gives itself away, again and again, and nothing is lost.

Love is selfless; selfishness is loveless.

Lunacy: An administration and Congress that knowingly increased our national debt to $15 trillion. Insanity is reelecting those who want to increase it more.