Truth is defined by facts and reality, not by emotions.

Forgiveness of a wrongful act does not mean denying the TRUTH, but loving in spite of it.

He who cannot keep a cool head should not enter the heat of debate.

Keep from your yesterdays what will help you through your tomorrows.

The ability to persuade is proportional to the character of the persuader.

Fretting never solved a problem; praying has led to victory in great battles.

Accuracy has limitations; honesty has none.

Learning and the will to do are voluntary, but character and goodness determine if it’s worthwhile.

Success depends on ability and motivation, worthwhileness on character and attitude.

Where you finish in a race is not as important as whether you ran.

Genius isn’t a friend to all, but Stupidity will buddy-up to anyone who welcomes it.

Things don’t always happen for the best, but make the best of things that happen.

Everything’s relative: A snail thinks zipping along on the back of a turtle is a wild ride.

In case you have to eat your words, make them as sweet as possible.

Prosperity brings many friends, adversity not so many.

How can you believe a politician who promises you everything free with lower taxes?

Most folks can talk nonsense at times, but few can do it with a straight face like a politician.

You can’t help but notice that most good talkers are good listeners.

Have you ever wondered if the inventor of high heels was once kissed on the forehead?

Secrets of a good speech: Know what you’re going to say; say it, shut up, and sit down.

May God bless America according to His love and mercy, not according to our actions.

We are commanded to “Love others,” but some “others” take more prayer.