How can you honor your heavenly Father but not your earthly father?

Wisdom does not come from a small mind or a big mouth.

Some folks reach a point where it’s hard for them to reach a point.

You can lead a horse to water, but sometimes you can’t keep the end that doesn’t drink from running for the legislature.

When a common citizen lies, it’s perjury; when a presidential candidate lies, it’s politics as usual.

Recent analysis shows that being president for four years can just about ruin the memory,

The difference in being alone and lonely often depends on whether it’s a choice or an imposed condition.

Humility and pride can both be desirable, as long as one is not proud of his humility.

Faith may not get you everything you want, but it helps if your wants don’t exceed your faith.

A lie can masquerade as the truth, but the truth, being truth, can’t masquerade as a lie.

A small mind and a big mouth are never found in a wise man.

Politicians had rather die than admit they’re wrong – and many do.

Too many folks who say, “Practice what you preach,” don’t preach what they practice.

I would rather hear someone grumble about how to improve things than listen to someone that never finds anything wrong with anything.

Adversity often produces stronger character than prosperity.

The world is a lonely place if you’re broke, and if you’re broke, the world will often leave you alone.

It’s possible for an honest, humble man to be elected to public office, but “possible” isn’t the same as “probable.”

I’ve known a number of people who love to talk and think – in that order.

A closed mind and an open mouth are a bad combination.

One of the drawbacks about having money is that you associate with many people who have money.

Spending time in some parts of California can convince the skeptic that the wise men did come from the East.

It’s not a disgrace to be poor, but it can be difficult to pull it off with flair and class.

In marriage love and a memory are indispensable; the former for forgiving, and the latter for forgetting.

Despite the record of the U.S. Congress, I believe there’s a bit of sanity in every person.

If people pursued righteousness with the same zeal they pursue recreation, the world would be without sin.