Washington is a strange place: A government that can’t pay it’s debts, giving money to banks that can’t pay their debts, because they loaned too much money to people that couldn’t pay their debts.

I cannot tell a lie, but my recognition rate sure improved during the recent election campaigns.

Clear thinking and panic can’t simultaneously occupy the same brain space.

Honor is rare among thieves, and even rarer among politicians who put getting reelected above all.

Your journey along the road of life will turn out well if your Guide built the road.

If you’re on a long journey, you need a guide that’s been over the trail – that’s why the Lord gave children grandparents.

You know candidates can’t stand for anything if they’re lying.

Love can come unexpectedly; so can the common cold.

Politicians don’t always stretch the truth; some tell it pretty straight about why they’re not running for reelection.

Happiness is a state of mind, and a nice one, whether you’re visiting or live there.

Good looks ain’t everything, but in the hunt for everything they can’t hurt.

Voters should agree on an incentive plan for members of Congress: Do a good job and they’ll be considered the next time we hire.

There were no perfect candidates running this year; my age and good judgment kept me from filing.

With our national debt so high, why do many people vote for politicians promising to make it higher?

A promising politician is most believable when he quits promising.

If I could have my druthers, I’d druther have a government that doesn’t plan “great things” by taxing the productive and redistributing it to the nonproductive.