Advice is so plentiful you can get it for free, except from a doctor or lawyer.

Kindness is a gift you can give anybody, whether they deserve it or not.

You keep a good name by doing the things that make your name good.

Don’t sell yourself short; there are too many willing to do it for you.

If you can do it, do it and don’t talk about it.

If you’ve done it, it’s OK to talk about it, say, about once every five or ten years.

If you take too many things lying down, you can’t stand for much.

A good politician should be honest, have some brains, and not be too ugly.

The election campaigns improve the outlook for fiction writers, since the candidates will need help on expanding their list of promises.

People will pay attention to your words if your words pay attention to them.

Saying, “No” to temptation takes a lot less breath than all those explanations later.

Kindness is the language used when a good heart is given a voice.

Sin doesn’t make us “human,” being created in the image of God does.