Don’t go too far in overlooking the faults of others; it’s OK to remember the way your representative in congress voted.
– August Sage

Treat a goodhearted person like a precious gem: appreciate its value, admire it often, and polish it every once in a while.

Ranchers sell “baloney bulls,” and know the difference between baloney and bull, but as the last election proves, it’s not always easy for the rest of us to tell the difference.

Once truth becomes your trustworthy and loyal companion, stay hitched to her, and never let her doubt your affection.

You can tell it’s Christmas season when the Loony Left Liberals start hyperventilating about the words, “Christ” or “Merry Christmas,” or seeing a manger scene.

One can’t help but wonder how those who can’t stand the sight or sound of “Christ” at Christmas, or in public places, will feel when they stand before Him when he judges the world?

Pride is a good thing when it spurs achievement, but is a toxic trait when it poisons purpose.

It’s easier to love and help someone with a limp than someone with a perpetual strut.

May the Christ of Christmas make this a most Merry Christmas to all who read these lines!

– August Sage