Patience is the father of gentleness; love is the mother of niceness.

I once thought you had to have some common sense to be a judge or a politician. I was wrong.

Many older people have a balanced view of their youth, they’ve forgotten about as much of it as they remember.

Congress is now concerned with manure disposal, and I wonder what we’re going to do with all of the stuff generated in the coming elections? Will it grow anything beside government?

Never spit into the wind, or discuss logic with a fool.

When you’re tempted to say something in haste, think of the mouth as a well “bucket” that brings up what’s in the well.

When you’re hurt by gossip, pray that the Lord will help you resist giving the Gossiper a holy smack upside the head – and strength, if He tells you to go ahead and do it.

Sometimes it’s less painful to put up with a hangnail than to bite it off.

When we get hungry, we get up and hustle something to eat. When we get lonely, we should get up and hustle someone to love.

Love is that fresh breeze that fills the sails of the mind for a happy voyage through life.

Don’t try to borrow tomorrow’s problems; the loan may not be approved.

You can give, give in, give out, or give all; just don’t give up.