Experience is a school where you learn that much of what you think you know ain’t so.

If the saying is true that a man is known by the company he keeps, Barack Obama won’t be elected president.

Should Obama become president, pray he won’t renew associations with the likes of his pastor of 20 years, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers.

The everything-for-everybody promises of tax and spend liberal politicians ain’t worth the air it takes to produce them.

No one has combined a gift of gab with a gift of gaffe like Sen. Joe Biden, D-DE.

Men can be spoiled by laziness and too much money, but almost never by both at the same time.

Sen. Joe Biden spouts a lot of stuff as facts; the only problem is that much of it’s not so.

The way to size up a politician: If he’s too radical, he won’t be right; and if he’s too wrong, he won’t be conservative.

A learned fool reads a lot, and remembers much of it, unless he’s a foot-in-the-mouth Democratic vice presidential candidate.

Sen. Joe Biden apparently has never learned that a “bucket” mouth brings up what’s in the well.

Talking does not produce experience; experience comes from deciding, doing and delivering.

The “Rule For Living” that we learn from the federal government: Live within your income, even if you have rob or borrow from someone else.

Barack Obama says he’s not a socialist, but both Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels would be pleased with Obama’s ideas on redistributing your income.

Don’t take a candidate’s word for anything you can’t check out. Check out the candidates and vote for the one with a record you can check on.

When a presidential candidate gets too wrapped up in himself, it usually makes for a small package.

Republicans have had it rough, with the 9/11 horrors, war, and the mortgage mess, but we haven’t had another attack, and are still the country that others try to sneak into.