When you’re between a rock and a hard place, trust in the One who made the rock and can make “the rough places smooth.” (Isaiah 40:4)

Wealth can destroy happiness, but I’ve never heard of happiness hurting anybody or anything.

Tolerating a white lie can make you color blind.

Fashion has its place, but following fashion in thought is to be avoided.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way – and a lawyer will find it.

Some folks are so tolerant they can consider any viewpoint that agrees with their own.

Any problems caused by beauty and ugliness are solved by time, which renders both of no importance.

Trying to get even makes as much sense as biting a mean dog that bit you.

Church membership gained by conviction is better than that gained by inheritance or association.

Beauty and ugliness are merely points of view, but a good heart gives meaning and substance to both.

Of the four major events in a full life: birth, marriage, death, and faith in Jesus Christ, only the last holds eternal promise.

Relationships between man and woman don’t have to involve physical or personal attraction – if both are wrinkled, cranky and decrepit.

Even the best of families can have a fool or two – most of whom are self-made, or aided by their companions, Avarice and Greed.

Wealth can’t buy happiness, but the “purchasing power” of poverty ain’t all that great either.

Among our rarest forms of life are lawyers with a conscience, politicians without vanity, and skunks that smell good.

Liberal politicians seem to be for nudity in all its forms except for the naked truth.

One thing you can learn from books is that some of them aren’t worth reading.

Books you’ve read helped you, except those that didn’t.

Conscience is that part of us that warns us that we shouldn’t want to do something we want to do.

You shouldn’t think or speak evil of others, even though you know you might be right.

As I grow older, I sometimes wonder about the claim that age brings wisdom.

Conscience is that inner voice that asks us if we would go ahead and do something if someone were looking.

During election campaigns, politicians take the cake, and about any other contributions anyone wants to make.

During their runs for office, politicians turn our country into a “Promise Land.”

Being a Liberal doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re irrational or unreasonable, it’s just that, statistically, it seems to work out that way.

It is said that ignorance of the law is no excuse, but that doesn’t seem to apply to some lawyers and judges.

Before you blurt out what you think, just make sure you think.

Politics can ruin a man’s memory; just look at what it’s done to President Obama in less than four years.

Money never a made a man a fool, it just helped peel off whatever was covering up his foolishness.

The Senate calls itself the “greatest deliberating body,” which might be true if they mean deliberately doing nothing.

Being poor doesn’t have to be a big problem, unless you dislike being hungry and cold, and out of work.

Beauty preparations seem endless in number, but they seem to work in far too few cases.