It’s more blessed to give than to receive, but too many are willing to let others be blessed.

Our choice for president this Fall seems to be to vote for the evil of two lessers.

Self-acclaimed intellectuals are often educated beyond their intelligence.

Lines in the face tell of life’s battles fought, smile creases show you won a few.

You can judge a man’s heart when you’ve seen what it takes to break it.

Hope often drives our promise, and fear our performance.

Happiness comes from what we are and want to be, not from what we have.

Contentment for some folks can be as simple as a cold Pepsi and a bag of peanuts on a hot day.

Character is important, especially when seasoned with humility and kindness.

To understand forgiveness you must first understand love.

Part of wisdom is knowing that all the things you’ve learned ain’t so.

Memories look back, dreams look forward; reality is what we see around us.

Ability and motivation lead to doing, character and attitude to it being worthwhile.

An airplane sitting on the ramp is safe, but airplanes were made to fly, not sit.

Judge the size of a person’s heart by the kindness coming from it.

Buy stocks when they’re low, but be able to tell a dead horse from one that’s resting.

The past collects memories, the future collects dreams.

Government would be better if folks weren’t so ignorant of the issues during an election.

Death — the last sleep? No, it is the final awakening – Walter Scott.

I don’t dislike politicians, but the limits of my admiration are set pretty low.

To compute the difference between a Christian and an Atheist, multiply Quality of Destination times Eternity.

When you include God in those you love, you end up loving a whole bunch of people.

Love isn’t always easy, but it gets easier and better with practice.

Old friends are like riding a favorite horse, the ride is pleasant and without stress.

I can no more imagine life without being thankful to God than I could imagine life without breathing.

In general, people want to be good, but too many are afraid they’ll overdo it.

Wisdom comes not from the pursuit of it, but from living right and paying attention.

The things in life that give it value are those things that can’t be given a value.

Learning is understanding, wisdom is knowing the truth of what is understood.

Good leaders have the confidence to lead without talking about it to those being led.

If opportunity doesn’t knock, leave the door open or kick it down.

Obama speeches for Clinton amaze us at how many words he can cram into so few ideas.

Man can never be more than he is on his knees before God.

Your kindness benefits others, or at least makes you better than you were.