Truth is stranger than fiction to some people; for example, a politician trying to get elected

Barack Obama wasted his time messing around with basketball; the way he can back-pedal, he’d be a natural as a defensive back in football.

If ever I thought one had to be smart or have common sense to make it in politics, this Democrat-controlled Congress has shown I was mistaken.

The way some polls look, this may be the year that journalism died, along with the ability of voters to evaluate candidates on things like experience.

We should learn not to borrow tomorrow’s problems; the government’s not bailing out worriers – yet.

This election cycle has proved to us all over again that you should never spit into the wind, or try to discuss election year economics with a liberal.

Barack Obama obviously never learned in south Chicago that truism of the Southwest, that what comes up in the bucket is what’s in the well.

This election has been wearying enough to make us give in, or give out, but we shouldn’t give up – throw up, maybe, but not give up.

It is hoped that if Barack Obama is elected president, he will keep in mind that it’s far better to imitate a good man than counterfeit him.

The Lord doesn’t make mistakes, so Joe Biden wasn’t created with his foot in his mouth, he learned by regular practice to put it there himself.

Man was created a little lower than the angels, but based on the hate rhetoric spewed by liberal extremists, he’s just about worked his way down to the bottom.