Friendship can be explained, but love needs no explanation; it just is.

Fall is here and our Creator’s handiwork is on display all around us, whether those people who deny His existence like it or not.

Universities have become storehouses of knowledge. Small amounts are smuggled in by a few incoming freshmen and transfer students, and the graduating seniors don’t leave with enough of it to deplete the inventory.

I once thought that to get elected, a politician needed a bit of common sense, but after observing Congress for several decades I can see it ain’t always so.

Funny how tort lawyers and career politicians, who never produced anything for mankind, think they’re entitled to the money earned by productive workers.

Money can’t buy happiness, not even if it’s financed by going into debt for things that cause much unhappiness.

Liberals prate against the “wealthy and powerful,” but don’t mind wealthy types like liberal billionaires who fund hate ads and hate Web sites.

Congress is concerned about the safe disposal of manure from hog farms and feed lots. Wonder how they’ll deal with the verbal kind they generate?

Anti-business Liberals like to slam what they call “the wealthy,” but I don’t recall ever being offered a job by a poor person.

If Jesus Christ is your Guide in life, you can’t be lost.