After the dumb energy bill passed by the House, you must conclude that these clueless politicians couldn’t pass gas after gorging on baked beans and buttermilk.

If this Congress controlled oxygen, we’d all suffocate.

Political candidates utter wise, often empty, sayings, then confuse us and themselves trying to explain what they meant.

Considering the hypocrisy of Democrats in Congress opposed to drilling our oil supplies, the term, “Brood of vipers,” begins to sound like the good guys.

All of us learn to exist, but not all of us learn to live.

I’m looking for a presidential candidate that has something to say, not one that has to say something.

Autumn’s here, so we’ve heard the last of the Summer Whine from the Democratic presidential nominee about looks and color, that only he mentioned.

When vice presidential candidate Joe Biden speaks fine words, I wonder where swiped them.

Political candidates treat promises and pie crusts the same, they think they’re both made to be broken.

It’s important that a presidential candidate keep his promises, but it’s essential that he keeps company with good people, and shows good judgment in choosing them.

Don’t try to reason a person out of an idea, when he didn’t use reason to arrive at it.