We’re human, and we make mistakes. Forgiving the mistakes of others makes us more human.

Where the wind blows is not for us to say, but we can see to it that it carries neither the sound of our gossip nor the odor of our ill treatment of others.

“Man shall not live by bread alone,” our Lord told the devil. But some people still try to get by on crust.

Happiness can sometimes be hard to find, but if you get your relationship with God and family right, happiness will find you!

Note to husbands: If you become more of a self-starter, your wife will become less of a crank.

There must be special rewards for church pastors who must love, counsel and put up with that quirky, often judgmental mix of humanity called “church members.”

As a spur to achieve, pride can be useful; as a motivation to get your way, it’s often ugly and destructive.