To walk with the Lord is to follow, not try to lead.

When talent is not equal, hard work can level the playing field.

If you’re the kind that usually fails on the first try, don’t take up sky diving.

Self-made men often show their lack of experience.

This life is the worst the Christian will see, and is the best the non-Christian will see.

When it comes to choices of honesty and character, be as independent as a hog on ice.

The failed business loans this administration made about as much sense as a bungee jump over an active volcano.

Life is a good but a tough teacher – and ends up killing off all its students.

Virtue is the seedbed where character grows.

Three things you will never have to regret: Telling the truth. Being honest. Showing kindness.

Standing for what is right often means standing alone.

Love is something we can give that hasn’t been created or owned by someone else.

I’d feel better about the “government shutdown” if it included the U.S. Senate and the White House.

Life’s best lessons aren’t always writ large, but often arrive as a quiet thought or small note.

Learning from experience is less painful than not learning from experience.

Any achievement requires two things: a start, and a finish.

At nearly 83, the reality of age is clear enough, but how relevant it is, only the Lord knows.

The criticism of a thinking man is more valuable that the approval of a thoughtless crowd.

New ideas often are easier to develop than getting rid of old ones that are wrong.

Happiness in life comes from making right choices and facing up to the wrong ones.

Age can be important, especially for fish, cheese, and leftovers.

To make a mule work, it helps if you’re smarter than the mule.

If events bring you to your knees, remember it’s a good position to pray for help.

If you’re afraid to make a fool of yourself, you’re too timid to be successful.

If your head is on straight, you can see ahead better.

If the horse of opportunity looks dead, it’s a good time to mount it.

Honesty can be learned; innate honesty is a divine gift.

If the desire for truth is natural with you, you’ve received a divine gift.

The Slough of Despond awaits those who take short cuts to the place called Right.

Faith is what lets you keep going when you come to a curve in the road of life.

Hate grows among its own kind; it can’t live with love.

In the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain, I root for the bulls, because their actions make more sense than that of the two-legged runners.