You won’t succeed in the pursuit of happiness if your actions hurt others, or if they diminish who and what you are.

Happiness in life is not guaranteed, but if we create some along the way, it increases our chances of sharing in some of it.

You can’t control the wind, but you can determine how you rig your sail.

Being broke can make one feel defeated, or it can be the motivation to avoid being broke.

Your character is rooted in your faith, your beliefs, and how you practice them in the sight of God and man.

Being able to say “No” at the right time probably has saved more reputations and wealth, and prevented more pain and heartache than all the fancy words man can utter.

Life doesn’t come to us in pretty packages; it comes in small wounds and in big chunks of hurt and sorrow; in the grief of the dark valley and in the joy of the mountain top, but through tears and triumphs, there is One who loves us and can help us through it all.

If a man or woman will lie, or unfairly judge others, what good can he or she achieve that’s meaningful?

I like to hear a politician who claims right up front to be a self-made man – it clears us of any blame for the result.

When a politician tosses his hat into the ring, he always retrieves so he can talk through it during the campaign.

It’s hard to say there are “cheap politicians” in the Obama administration and Congress when the national debt stands at $14.7 TRILLION.

Never argue with God; you’re not going to change His point of view to fit yours.

If you think you can pick and choose which of the Ten Commandments you like, tell me which part of “Commandment” is it that you don’t understand.