Apparently neither Vice President Joe Biden nor Repr. Barney Frank, D-MA, ever learned the wisdom of the adage: If you have an opportunity to stay silent, take it.

The State Department official calling for new taxes on the oil industry shows his stork still had too much altitude when he dropped him.

Both Barney Frank and Joe Biden provide good arguments for better altimeters for storks.

Honesty pays, they say, but apparently not enough for people like Bernard Madoff and some politicians.

A Congressional committee: A number of politicians who individually can’t do anything, but as a group can decide that nothing can be done.

A liberal fanatic is someone who is so narrow minded that if he poked a finger in his eye, he could blind himself in both eyes.

President Barack Obama speaks as if he knows a lot about a lot of things, but it’s what he can’t know and what he “knows” that ain’t so that scares me.

It’s unwise to either fool with a bee, or be with a fool.

A scary thought: If something happened to both President Obama and Vice President Biden before a new V.P. was named, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would become president! That should drive a lot of people to pray for the safety of our president.

A good marriage has plenty of love in its most noble form: forgiveness.

If a married couple loves each other intensely and often; and make forgiveness their noblest expression of love, their marriage will stand against any threat.