When you say “yes” to the temptation to do something wrong, you say “no” to the opportunity to do right.

Thinkin’ and feelin’ ain’t the same. We too often are doin’one when we should be doin’ the other.

A chuckle is when you feel good enough to loosen up the facial muscles, laughter is when you feel good all over and all the muscles join in.

Autumn has arrived, and I had hoped we had finished off the last of the Summer Whine, but John Edwards and Barack Obama are still on the campaign trail.

Just cull the big crop of presidential candidates left and right. And if too many try to bunch up in the middle, cull them too.

I cannot tell a lie, but I’ll sure wish I could when I hear all the politicians’ promises in the coming elections.

In the eyes of young people these days, I’m probably not young enough to know everything.

Wouldn’t we like to have a “Word Processor” for our lives? One that easily deletes the mistakes, thoughts we’d like to disown, and the downright bad “writing” that are our misdeeds? Fortunately, our Creator gave us one: His name is Jesus.

In life, you’ll come to forks in the road. The only way you’ll find out what they hold is to pick one and go.

The future is a land of joys, miseries, bounty and deprivation, which we explore one experience at a time.

The world is full of uncertainty, and the only certain thing about it is the One who created it.

Love is like a beautiful sunset: not to be analyzed and explained, but to be enjoyed and appreciated.

Beauty and vanity are poor travel companions, but by losing vanity, a pretty woman can go a long way.

A broken friendship can sometimes be repaired by making a broken promise right, a broken love is healed only by new love.

The lack of money may not be the root of all misery, but it’s right down there with cold, hungry and lonely.

Hard times won’t defeat those who use them to focus their minds on working to make the times better.