Democrats claim we “won’t see the benefits for years” by drilling our own oil supplies. Wonder why they don’t also oppose drug research and efforts to combat air pollution?

Coal and heating oil are the only fuels paid for by the buyer and then received by the cellar.

The good news: School has started again, the bad news: so have the teachers’ unions.

Marriage comes quickly for some women, for others it may take a great wile.

This Congress makes previous “do-nothing” congresses look like over-achievers.

Maybe the sorry record of the present Congress is why Sen. Harry Reid, D-NV, always looks so sour.

If Sen. Harry Reid attends a party and they vote on the unhappiest face, he should be a shoo-in for the Dour Prize.

Had the present Congress been in charge of all light energy, fireflies would be extinct.

Why don’t wind power advocates propose building a wind-power facility downwind from Capitol Hill and let Congress put its mouth where our money is.

It’s been said one might get by on his own industry, or on the stupidity of others, but lately, Congress gets by with none of the former, and supplies its own of the latter.

If a man’s word is his bond, a majority in Congress is not only mindless but also “bondless.”

A vote for character and substance is always better than a vote for promises that can’t possibly have all the substance promised.