Whatever you can laugh at, you can live with.

There are now 10 Democrats in the presidential race. Seems not one of them thinks much of the abilities of the other nine.

Life’s too short to waste on trying to enjoy man’s temporary things in a temporary world.

Life is best when spent enjoying God’s gifts of love, grace, and mercy, and having His assurance that He cares for us.

Ethics are what we do because it’s right, not because others expect it.

Justice Roy Moore was rebuked and suspended over the Ten Commandments. How strong would our faith be if it cost us loss of job, position, or friendships? Think about.

Liberal judges will guard our right to the “free exercise” of religion, approximately as well as a hungry hound will guard a fresh T-bone steak.

Common sense is uncommonly scarce, especially among politicians – who are all too common for our good.

Yesterday’s gone, and we may not see tomorrow. Today is what we have to work with, and what we do with it will be our legacy.

Happiness is something we should spread where we go, not WHEN we go.

Knowledge can be good, if it doesn’t get in the way of wisdom and common sense.