Good and evil are sometimes in the eye of the beholder, but that terrible September 11 six years ago brought evil into plain sight for a horrified world.

Good and evil are not just attitudes, but are attitudes put into action.

Where we’re going in this life isn’t nearly as important as where we end up in the next.

When the heart is right, right-headedness will follow.

Don’t be afraid to be an independent thinker; there’s a world full of people doing the non-original stuff.

Friendship is to be planted and cultivated, but the emphasis should be on the growing, not on the harvest,

Choices and judgments are the offspring of belief.

A hard life often contributes to a tender heart.

The clearest example of evolution found by objective scientists is the evolution of the Myth of evolution.

In “getting things right with God,” the most important things are the heart and mind.

Conceit and wit are rarely good partners.

As some women can attest, a stable, plain man makes a better catch than a handsome scoundrel.

Politicians sometimes stumble onto the truth, but recover their balance and get away from it quickly.

If Jesus Christ is our pilot, it’s easy to stay on course.