It’s good to say the right thing; it’s far better to do the right thing.

It’s true that “Fools despise wisdom and instruction” (Proverbs) but some make it worse by not having any common sense.

What you look like depends on the light and on who’s doing the looking, but what you really are is seen in the bright light of truth.

The little, unrewarded acts of kindness you do, say more about your life than any material things you may give to others.

Satan and his helpers may attack me and take all my earthly goods, but neither that evil one nor those that do his bidding can take my dignity or my faith in the Lord.

The value of friendship and love can’t be priced or traded, but they are the main things that give value to our relationship with others.

It’s a sorry person that lets money, possessions, or prestige affect or determine how he treats another human being.

What do you give someone who has “everything?” Answer: a wide berth!

The quality of your life can depend on the quality of what you can let go of, and what you hold onto.

It’s not your mission in life to make people happy, but you do owe the ones you love your very best to do what is loving and kind, and what is right in the sight of God.

Courage and the will to do the right thing are strengths, so exercise them so that they become a natural reflex for you.

It’s OK to disagree with others, as long as you do it with kindness, sensitivity, a smile, and the knowledge that you are right.

Smile, even if it hurts. If you hurt, smile – it can’t hurt.

Surviving is of necessity about you, but living a successful life never is.

You might claim to be a self-made person, but you didn’t create yourself. So it’s not likely you can remake yourself without some help from the original Maker.

No mortal can be your everything, but God can; and if you build your life around Him, it’s OK to build it with someone else at your level of mortality.

Government doesn’t build businesses, or create, innovate, or produce goods for mankind; aside from enforcing laws and defending freedom, government can only burden, diminish, take, and tax.