High gasoline prices cause illness and fatigue, that is, we’re sick and tired of Congress saying “No” to drilling America’s own oil reserves.

The present Congress is so inept it couldn’t pass gas after a bean supper.

Things were much simpler in the old days; we never had to settle for Radio-Dinners at supper.

Today’s politicians bow to the will of the people – people who make big campaign contributions.

Recipe for a mortgage crisis: Mix greedy lenders with people buying houses they can’t afford, to impress people who don’t care.

The Constitution protects us from taxation without representation; unfortunately it doesn’t protect us from sorry representatives.

We must protect our freedom, including the freedom of folks who vote for politicians who would take it away.

Knowledge is a vagabond traveling alone; Wisdom has Common Sense and Experience as companions.

Getting blood from a turnip would be an easy trick compared with getting something sensible on energy out of this Congress.

Universities impart some knowledge to students, but graduates have to find wisdom on their own

Recent rants by Sen. Mike Gravel, D-AK prove you get nowhere trying to discuss issues with a liberal bent on being a fool.

This Congress has two speeds: slow and stopped.