The hot air coming from the U.S. Senate will produce about as much energy as the “energy” bill the Senate passed 84-14.

Aging really is not unpleasant, considering we have little choice in the matter, and how hard we strive to avoid the alternative.

Ambition isn’t a bad thing, if what you want to achieve is honorable and worth the time spent to achieve it.

Beauty and humility are not easy traveling companions, particularly if they have to get along in a thin skin.

To be little it to belittle. To belittle is to be little.

Many people are like teabags; you can’t tell what’s in them till you get them in hot water.

A sorry character is as worthless as used spit.

The love of a child is a pearl beyond price – treat it even more carefully.

The key to true Christianity is don’t let crisis control you; let Christ control you.

Many good people live in big cities – too bad they have to live with so many who are not of their own kind.

Church is a good place to be for good people who used to be bad, and for bad people who want to be good.

Courage is doing what is right, and giving your best, in the face of what causes the fear.