If you want to get a man to tell you more than he knows, contradict him.

Someone said, “I’d rather be right than be president.” Heck, I’d rather be most anything than have to live in Washington D.C.

Women may actually be foolish, which could account for the fact most men can find a wife.

When it comes to preaching and practicing morality, it seems we have many more preachers than practitioners.

If politicians could resist telling that first lie, it would make all the new ones unnecessary.

Blessed is the man who can express large ideas in very small volumes of words.

Seems fairy tales no longer begin with, “Once upon a time,” but with, “If I am elected ….”

Two things can’t be underestimated: The ability of liberal political candidates to prevaricate, and the intelligence of voters that vote for them.

The world is not in danger from global warming so much as it is from being tinkered and regulated into a Third World economy.

The main difference in fools is that the educated ones remember what they’ve read.

Some call Congress a “zoo,” but a zoo has cages and caretakers that protect the public.

The Lord blesses older folks with creases in their face to give their smiles places to rest.

In letting our “light shine before men,” as Jesus said, we should take care that it’s a glow, not a glare.

Good blood is not inherited; both fools and mosquitoes get their share.