With all the presidential wannabes running around raising money and wooing voters, Truth and Honesty would do well to hide out, because they’re in for a beating, and may wind up as missing in action.

Anyone can choose a tamale by its aroma; experience is knowing to remove the shuck before eating it.

If all the promises made by the presidential candidates were kept, we’d be up to our necks in pork for years to come.

Family is friendship that never had to be cultivated.

We shouldn’t forget that politicians who will cut deals will also cut corners.

Most of this crowd of presidential candidates are light on experience, and the kind of experience they do have doesn’t equip them too well for having to occasionally deal with honest people.

A true friend is someone who knows us well, and still likes us.

Truth can be a trustworthy and loyal companion, but it appears that most of this crop of presidential candidates prefer to travel alone.

Man can build almost anything except a family – that takes a woman.

You can beat on a dead horse, and you can argue with a fool, but you won’t get anywhere with either one.

Happy Birthday, Lee, the love and lea of my life.