The ugliness of pride can’t be hidden under the garb of false humility for long.

Selfishness counts its money and wants more; love doesn’t count its money and loves to give it away.

Anger is an ill wind that snuffs out the flame of positive thinking in your mind.

Perhaps the sin that most pleases the devil is pride that wraps itself in the cloak of humility.

Character is to stand up for what’s right, not stand back.

The success of each day should be judged by seeds of good you plant, not by the harvest you reap.

Money can’t buy happiness, but some seem to think it’s easier to deal with the sadness of riches than the burdens of being broke.

Truth can be obscured and twisted by malice and untruth, but in the end, it’s still there, unchanged.

Ideas, like airplanes, must take flight to accomplish their purpose.

It’s never too late to start to do a good thing, and it’s always too soon to quit.

It’s hard to say which is worse, sittin’ a wet saddle all day or listening to a windy politician explain all he’s gonna do if elected. You wind up with a chapped backside either way.

We should all learn to use a few choice four-letter words – such as “love,” “like” “give,” “help,” “work” ….

Ambition is never fired by spontaneous combustion; you have to light the fire yourself.

We can’t decide what grief comes our way or when it comes, but we can decide how we respond to it.

Try to live so that you could sell your parrot to your pastor and not have to worry.

If things get so bad that people can be brought to trial for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?

When it comes to giving at church, some folks will stop at nothing.

By not forgiving, you might make one person happy; if you forgive, you might make several people happy, and find yourself a better person in the bargain.

Politicians who skate on the thin ice of false promises often end up in hot water.

Be leery of people who say, “A penny for your thoughts”; they seldom pay off on the offer.

Then there was the guy who so fat he wouldn’t stoop to anything.

Living for all you can get is a poor way to live; living to give all you can give will make you rich in things that count.

Tellin’ a politician a “penny for your thoughts” might be runnin’ the price way above the market value.

A family united is a fertile ground for happiness to grow.

A father should be seen as a treasure, not a treasurer.

If you don’t the right thing when it’s time to do it, you have decided not do the right thing.