In the pursuit of happiness, we should try to create a little along the way.

Our Constitution guarantees the pursuit of happiness as our right, but how we get through the sloughs of despair and the rocky places of hardship is up to us.

If the best things in life are free, why does a chocolate toasted pecan-nut sundae cost so much?

The trail we travel in the pursuit of happiness can be a long one, so be the kind of person you like to be alone with for the times you travel it alone.

You can’t control the current of the river, so pay attention to how you paddle your canoe.

Being broke ain’t the worst feeling in the world, but it’s right down there with cold, hungry, and lonely.

If the love of money is the “root of all evil,” could the lack of money be called the root of all misery?

You can’t buy insurance to protect your character, but learning to say “No” is a low-cost substitute.

We can’t choose what we must face in life, but we can choose how we face it.

The Presidential Sweepstakes preliminaries have started, so we can expect a lot of Burger King Rhetoric, with one Whopper after another.

It’s not fair to call a politician a skunk – skunks usually raise a stink only when they’re bothered.

Saying “No” to temptation takes a lot less breath than all those explanations later.

If a man will lie, how can he stand for anything worthwhile?

All humbug doesn’t come from musical beetles.

Life is a series of choices, and if you make choices that please God, you’re likely to please your spouse, family, friends, and yourself.

In Memory of Emma Lee Mashburn, my beloved wife of more than 61 years, who went to be with the Lord on May 15, 2009, and who would have celebrated her 79th birthday on this day, July 31, 2011.

Among the many things I learned from her:

Love is not explained; it is lived, and can be fully known only to those who live it.

Forgiveness is love in its most noble form.

Life is not about how much you can get, but about how much you can give.

Of all one can give another, giving one’s self is the most precious and priceless gift of all.

“Love one another as I have loved you” (John 15:12).