As you grow older and wiser, you add a few new things you’ve learned, and discard things you thought you knew but found out weren’t so – it’s hard to stay even.

Spending quality time on your knees makes it easier to take a stand when it counts.

Church worship services are saturated with words; it would be better if we make sure our words are saturated with worship.

Wisdom isn’t easy to acquire, but common sense, character, and a desire to do the right thing work pretty well.

A wise man can listen to almost any point of view and not get mad – and not be persuaded if it’s wrong.

The old expression “Words are cheap” came along before Congress was taken over by the Big Spenders.

Optimism is influenced by what is visible; Hope by what’s unseen.

Optimism sees the Cross of Calvary as a defeat; Hope sees the Cross as the hope of mankind.

The best way you can prepare for the future is to take good care of the present.

Love ain’t the only thing in the world, but it’s way out in front of whatever’s in second place.

Bad things of today can cause Optimism to change its outlook; Hope looks the bad things square in the eye and believes in tomorrow.

Humor can make happiness happier, and sadness more bearable.

There are three kinds of people that can’t be trusted with large sums of money: young children, thieves and politicians. In come cases, education and rehabilitation can help children and thieves.

The workman is known by the care shown in his work.

Dreams are realized by doing, not by dreaming.

Remember yesterday and try to improve on it today.

Just because someone acts like a horse’s rear end is no reason you can’t act like the part that has horse sense.