All that’s required to have a happy marriage is having someone special to love, fiercely, intensely, and often; someone to share dreams, goals, and secrets with; and someone to forgive and to be forgiven by.

Love is the only thing that you can get more of by giving more and more of it away.

A good marriage is one where love immediately moves in with the marrieds, then stays around and reproduces itself till it outnumbers everything else.

Marriage should be neither a prison nor an escape from one, but a commitment of two people to bond to each other for a lifetime.

Married couples know they have something special going when both wife and husband make it a priority to make the other happy.

Husbands make sure you share everything with your bride equally, 60-40 in her favor, while giving 110 percent on your efforts to tell her you love her often.

Love is essential for a happy marriage, for it’s the only thing that can reproduce itself in the form of forgiveness.

Some men claim to know a lot about love and women, but it’s what they know that ain’t so that gets them into trouble.

The Apostle Peter wrote that husbands should be “giving honor to the wife.” The Prairie Sage agrees and says that real honor includes respect, gentleness, and a love as fierce and intense as a man is capable of.

Love isn’t blind, only those who are blinded by letting their own selfish wants interfere with making the object of their love happy.

Good marriages are made in heaven, and if consummated, and nurtured in true love, enjoyed on earth as God intended.

A man may find bliss in marriage, but if he marries a gentle woman with a loving heart and forgiving spirit, his happiness rises far above the level of bliss.

Marriage is a wonderfully strange state: The more you try to make your mate happy, the more you’re assured of your own happiness.