You are what you live – as in doing, giving, loving, making your corner of the world a better place for your having been there.

Days are pop quizzes; years term exams, and a lifetime, the final failing or passing grade.

The visit to Africa should help President Bush. After seeing how African governments operate, he can probably better understand the Democratic Party now.

Don’t judge people by how much money they have. Some big “butter and egg” types are real losers when you get to know them. Besides, God knows how much money each of us can handle without letting it mess us up.

Each day teaches something worthwhile; each year tests how much of the “worthwhile” we’ve retained; each lifetime is the final test when we receive a final grade: Pass, Fail, or Incomplete.

Never judge a friend on how often he agrees with you. Remember, you’re not smart enough to be right all the time, so tolerate some honest opinions from friends.

Friendship is like riding a bicycle: Stay upright, don’t go too fast, and lean the right way when changing directions.

Life is a gift. Don’t abuse it, don’t ignore it, and remember to give thanks to the One who gave it to you.