On this July Fourth, let’s be thankful for life and freedom, and thankful to a Creator who gave them to us.

Our Constitution gives us freedom from taxation without representation – unfortunately, it doesn’t protect us from excessive taxation or poor representation.

You can cover the face, stop the ears, and hide thoughts, but open your mouth and sooner or later what’s in the heart will come out.

Attitude resides in our heart. Our words and actions are the windows others peep through to see how it lives.

Never judge friends on how smart or dumb they appear to be, but on their willingness to be friends. That’s the only rule of friendship needed.

Friendship, like life, doesn’t evolve from “nothing.” Some act of kindness by someone started it.

“Sweeter as the years go by,” as the old hymn says, is true. But remember it refers to trusting in the grace of God, not government programs.

Knowledge is all right as far as it goes, and if it goes far enough you might actually learn something useful.

All that I know that’s worthwhile came from God; all that I know came from God is worthwhile.

If you can laugh, you’re living. If you can’t laugh, why bother?

— August Sage July 1, 2003