Man’s behavior is governed by his nature, and therein lies the problem with all politicians.

If people really pray more in times of trouble, this election year should produce a bumper crop of calloused knees.

The man who departs from the truth has no ethical motive for allegiance to it or to uphold it.

A Liberal likes to claim he has a soft heart, but doesn’t realize he has confused his heart with his head.

If a question is dumb enough, a dumb answer might actually be justified.

Both Democratic candidates for president had so many problems with telling and glossing over the truth that one wonders if their Party deserves either one them.

Marriage without love is like turpentine in tea, it’s not satisfying and it leaves a bad taste.

Ignorance may be bliss to some folks, but it’s a big aggravation when trying to discuss presidential politics with them.

If any president can bring all the “change” claimed by some candidates, it should then be a simple matter for him or her to cure cancer.

Our “Truth in Politics Reserve” grows: A few newcomers contribute a little in the early primaries, then the winning candidates use so little of it, it just accumulates.

The Bible tells us to pray for the sick and to be thankful, so we should pray for Congress when it’s in session, and be thankful when it’s not.