One of the most important tests on numbers you’ll ever pass is being able to count your blessings while living.

The way this presidential election campaign is unfolding is enough to make the country pray for another Ronald Reagan, now!

When you’re talking, remember the Lord gave you one mouth and two ears – it doesn’t take a basketful of brains to figure out He meant for us to listen more than we talk.

Talk really is cheap – they’re not only giving it away this election year, but they’re paying the television networks millions to scatter it over the landscape.

Will John Kerry ever learn that telling the truth the first time makes it easier to keep his answers straight?

Arguing with a high-tempered woman is about as successful as practicing bovine acupuncture on an ill-tempered bull.

Walk the straight and narrow way and you’ll never get run over or crowded off the road.

Leave the past where it is; you’ve been there, done that.

Try to brighten the space wherever you happen to be – even if you have to vacate it.