Our Creator chose the face of a child as the perfect canvas on which He paints expressions of trust and love.

When the Creator paints the face of a young child, He does it in natural colors not tinted by prejudice, hatred or hypocrisy.

Do a job like you’re number one at it.

If you can’t be all you want to be, be all you can be.

When looking a job, prepare like you’re hungry and need the work.

Politicians share a common problem with trial lawyers: It’s the 90 percent of them that make the other 10 percent look bad.

Strange times we live in, when anybody can run for president – and this election cycle it seems they are.

It’s hard to stand on your own two feet if one of them is in your mouth.

Just when the economy begins to perk up and the stock market gets going, Obama begins to beat the global warming drums.

If we knew how seldom people think about us we wouldn’t worry about it.

Love may make the world go ‘round and money may in some cases oil the wheels, but love of money can gum up the works.

Be healthy and happy this summer, and don’t miss an opportunity to help a friend, or better yet, a stranger.

On this July Fourth, let’s be thankful for life and freedom, and thankful to a Creator who gave them to us.

Our Constitution gives us freedom from taxation without representation – unfortunately, it doesn’t protect us from poor representation.

The risk in opening your mouth is that sooner or later what’s in the heart will come out.

Attitude resides in our heart, and our words and actions are the windows others peep through to see how it lives.

Judge friends on their willingness to be friends, not on how smart or dumb they appear to be.

Friendship doesn’t evolve; someone started it by an act of kindness.

“Sweeter as the years go by,” as the old hymn says, is true. But remember it refers to trusting in the grace of God, not government programs.

Knowledge is all right as far as it goes, and if it goes far enough you might actually learn something useful.

All that I know that’s worthwhile came from God; all that I know came from God is worthwhile.

If you can laugh, you’re living. If you can’t laugh, why bother?