There are no dumb questions, but dumb answers are in great supply.

Truth has taken such a beating in this presidential campaign, it’s hard to see how she can make it to the November election.

For some, ignorance is plum natural, others seem to work at it.

Too many folks sound as if they think they’re a trio: Me, Myself and I.

Politicians and tombstones may be the only things that can lie and stand up at the same time.

This nation should pray more – especially if Congress is in session.

If you expect to fail, the odds are good you’ll meet your expectations.

When you are asked to choose between two evils, don’t.

The truth is used so little this election year, there ought to be a big supply of it next year.

Ain’t nothin’ wrong with money, unless you get it the wrong way.

The Lord gives older people creases in their faces so smiles and laughs can get a better hold.

The cause of peace could be helped a lot by politicians holding their own.

Happy Birthday to Donnie and Teresa – two special people who have made their parts of the world better and brighter.