The true measure of a man is not what he is, but what he wants to be, and is trying to become.

Good looks ain’t everything, but it’s better than the other kind, especially used as a covering for a good heart.

Don’t be overly critical of the faults of others, unless they’re politicians.

If just one more time, Republican senators allow the liberal minority to block the president’s judicial nominees, Dr. Bill Frist should check to see if their backbones have been replaced with dishrags.

A goodhearted person is like a fine gemstone: value its worth, admire it often, and polish it every once in a while.

Money’s not everything, but it’s useful if you can add a few more things to it, such as taste, humility and common sense.

You can, too, fight city hall. You can swear at it, and even dump your garbage on its steps, but you will clean up the area when you’re finished, or pay a dumping fee.

Bad judgment is the father of bad behavior.

The world being in such a mess in no excuse for us to mess up the world.

The prating of liberal senators in Washington about the judicial “mainstream,” is enough to make most objective people sick, and gag all but the most liberal maggot.