If you love someone, tell them – use words if you have to.

Where there is no character, virtue cannot survive.

Beating a mule isn’t leadership; making the mule want to work is.

Success is the sum of aspiration, perspiration, and inspiration.

Be the best person you can be – that’ll usually get you a passing grade from most folks.

Pretty ain’t everything; a polecat wears a fancy coat but still stinks.

May my sons be men who keep their word, live by the truth, and admit their own mistakes.

May my daughters know all men are not like those that hurt them, but can be if they lack kindness.

Deep water holds no fear for those who trust the One who walked on it.

There ain’t much upside in a man willing to bend the truth.

It’s OK to want to be alone with your thoughts; just make sure they show up.

Without kindness, character is just a word.

Life can dishearten the soul; faith in God reminds us we have one.

If you would assess character, examine actions.

All human traits are of little value if kindness is absent.

We’d be a better country if we elected men to office who know how to do something besides talk

The truth is truth, not what we understand it to be.

If the Lord is present when you die, there will be no room at bedside for Fear.

Take time to give thanks for the gifts God gives you, not worrying if the world might take them away.

Whether life’s journey is brief or long is not yours to decide, but whether it’s a useful and pleasant one.

The government can’t give you anything without first taking it from someone else.

Why is it that those who love lots of government don’t seem to have as much love for people?

When you die, any unspoken expressions of love will forever remain unsaid.

Yesterday is gone; tomorrow is not yet ours. Today is the time God has given us.

If schools are places of learning, why are some upset at questions about evolution and global warming?

Living provides the fruits of a life, dying, the reward.

Others can assail my name, character, and motives, but my heart is mine and I have given it to God.

In life, we need to stop and think, and kneel at some of the stops.

Learn to live life! Don’t just put in the time.

As soon as you realize how much you don’t know, you have a chance to become smarter.

Hear the views of others, but be sure your views are your own.

Money isn’t everything but it helps – if you like eating and not having to go barefooted.

Character is the ladder on which the rungs of decency, honesty, and truth are nailed.

Don’t see a dying hope as a problem, but as an opportunity to give it life.