Never let your mouth perform solo, only in a duet with your brain.

A man shouldn’t be measured by his circumstances, but by what he’s done under the circumstances.

Good looks may seem better to some folks than the other kind, but the “other kind” will always be in the majority

We all know money’s not everything, but some folks seem to forget the added value money gains from things like common sense, taste, and humility.

– August Sage

Bad judgment need not be a terrible thing, unless it’s accompanied by bad behavior.

The world has gotten out of kilter when members of the U.S. Senate whine about not wanting “to make illegal aliens criminals.” Just what is their problem – understanding the meaning of “illegal” or “criminals?”

Truth is what’s in the bucket when you’ve dipped deep into the reality of the way things actually are.

If some of the “champions” of open borders and amnesty for those here illegally, were to practice their liberal “religion” in Mexico or in the Mid-East, they would learn that “illegal” really means someone broke the law.

People will seldom criticize you for listening more than you talk.

The last time I checked, the hand-wringing babblers of the liberal television “discussion” panels still had not come with a single solution to the problems they incessantly talk about.

If you choose to be forthright, honest and truthful in all things, be sure to work on tolerance toward those who resent you for it.

– August Sage

You can argue with a high-tempered woman or practice bovine acupuncture on a testy bull, but the chances are slim for a positive outcome from either.

Why look back at used experiences, when all the new stuff is out there in front?

Stupidity is not necessarily a bad thing, unless it crops up in people – such as in members of the U.S. Senate, as they consider the amnesty-immigration “reform” bill.

Try to brighten up the day for someone, even if you have to avoid him or her to do it.

If you walk the straight and narrow way, you may get lonely, but you’ll never get crowded off the road.

– August Sage